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    What is a TEEL Paragraph?

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      Many students in Australia who are in their first year of college have this question in mind what is a TEEL paragraph. They face problems in understanding the TEEL structure and miss out on this important part while doing essays and other research papers. For all of them, here is a brief about TEEL paragraph.

      Teel is a popular writing technique highly preferred in academic writings. Most of the academic essay writing paragraphs have perfect utilization of Teel structure.

      TEEL is an acronym for Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link.

      Topic Sentence: It is the primary sentence in the paragraph produced in the beginning. It helps the reader to understand the fundamental idea of the whole paragraph.

      Explanation: The explanation is a large part of the paragraph. Where the writer explains the topic to the reader in a greater perspective and in a detailed manner.

      Evidence: The evidence part is highly used in research papers, essay writings. In order to support the idea or the main claim of the whole essay, or research work, the evidence is of utmost importance. Types of evidence could be case studies, journals, scholarly articles, books, documentaries.

      Link: Link act as a conclusion or summary of the whole paragraph. It helps in providing clarity between the main idea of the paragraph and the argument surrounding it.

      TEEL structure is not a must to include the rule in academic writings, but a technique of vital importance that can be included to enhance the quality of your essays. It will provide value to your information and paragraphs too.

      If you are not able to write a TEEL essay on your own or finding difficulties to understand this type of essay writing, then you may ask our assignment help experts to overcome all the issues related to it.

      We have professional essay writers from Australia, who can help you to understand everything related to TEEL structure and also provide you with the ready essay help online.

      Important Tips To Write A TEEL Essay

      As per my assignment help experts, there are certain tips one can follow while writing the TEEL essays.

      Brainstorming: Brainstorming helps by producing ideas that can be used while writing the essays. Before start writing your essays, it is important to list down all the ideas and information that can be essential for the essay. This could be: 

      • Topics to discuss in different paragraphs.
      • List of arguments to discuss in the paragraphs.
      • Supportive evidence for the arguments or claims. 
      • Different ways to explain each and every part of the essay.

      Language: TEEL essays are academic essays or can be used in a formal setup. Therefore, one should use a formal writing style for such essays. You might be thinking, why use formal language, and how it can be effective? Formal writing increases the credibility of the work. It also helps the reader to understand the content quite easily.

      Following rules to keep in mind while writing an essay informal tone. Avoid slang and colloquial words. Never use the contraction words. For example, instead of couldn’t use could not. Avoid repetitiveness and hyperbole. It will make a bad impression on readers.

      Write in Third Person: As said above, your essay needs to be in a formal tone, so write it down in the Third person. Usage of the first and second person brings a casual tone in the essay and makes a negative impact on its credibility. Factual data can be put in a presentable manner using the third person. Whereas, first person or second person may make your essay opinionated and reduced the facts from it.

      Formatting: This is a general rule that not only specific to TEEL essay writing. Once you are done with your essay or any academic writing task, check it properly for formatting rules. There should be no punctuation error or grammatical mistakes in it. Your essay should be original and with zero plagiarism. For this, you can take our help as well. has a premium service of Turnitin. We can check the complete essay and remove all traces of plagiarism from it.

      Proofreading: Once you are done with your essay, read it two to three times at least. Recheck the essay, and see whether all the information fits perfectly or not. See, every argument raised in the essay has supportive evidence or not. You have to inspect essay flow as well and its association with TEEL structure.

      These are the general tips that can be followed while writing an essay as per the TEEL structure. If you still want more clarity for writing TEEL essay on your own, you may ask for TEEL essay examples from My Assignment Help Now experts. Our Australian essay experts have created a database of essays following the TEEL structure rules. It will be of great help for sure.

      Significance of TEEL Paragraph Structure in Academic Writings

      Using a TEEL paragraph structure in your academic writings can make a significant difference in the overall quality as well as grades of your essays.

      Improves Credibility: TEEL structure undoubtedly increases the credibility of the essay. The information will look more factual by following the TEEL structure writing style. The reader will have more faith in your information. Thus, your essay keeps him or her spellbound.

      Enhances Creativity: No one wants to read a boring piece of writing. A boring style of writing may decrease the reader’s attention and overall impact of the essay, On the contrary, TEEL structure can provide a creative way to present the information. It will make a formal tone of the essay that can be deciphered quite easily.

      Focus: Your essay will not go haywire by following TEEL paragraph structure. Instead of hopping from one topic to another, TEEL structure helps you to maintain the flow throughout the essay. Hence, the reader will also stay focused while reading the essay.

      Use of Evidence: Putting up good evidence is the most important part of essay writing. TEEL paragraph structure helps the writing to justly use the evidence for all the arguments and ideas used in the essay. Therefore, the analytical part of the essay will also be raised with TEEL paragraph structure.

      So, you can understand that TEEL structure is impressively significant in academic writing. If you want to make a good impact on your professor, do take help from myassignmenthelp experts.

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      Frequently Asked Questions on TEEL Paragraph Structure

      Is TEEL Limited to Essay Writing Only?

      No, TEEL structure is a method to improve academic writings. Students can make use of TEEL paragraph structure in other academic papers as well.

      What is the Difference Between the Topic Sentence and Introduction?

      They both sound the same but has a big difference. An introduction is a part that explains the whole essay and is more detailed. Whereas, topic sentences are short sentences used at the beginning of each paragraph that sets the tone of the paragraphs.

      Is There Only One TEEL Paragraph in an Essay?

      No, as said earlier TEEL is a technique. So, an essay can have multiple paragraphs following TEEL structure.

      Is TEEL Structure is the Only Way to Write an Essay Successfully?

      No, however, TEEL structure is one of the best ways to present your academic papers. By using TEEL structure paragraphs, one can easily frame an impressive essay without any doubt in mind.

      To all students, who are finding TEEL structure tough, can ask for TEEL paragraph examples from us. Moreover, there are various TEEL generators online available, do not get tricked with such tools. You might end up losing your grades. To ensure the quality work, visit and soar high in academics.