Best Universities in Australia 2023


It is an undeniable fact that most of the world’s top universities are established in Australia. That is because Australia offers a world-class education infrastructure and elite living standards to native as well as international students. From around the globe, students find the best universities in Australia only.

Australian universities have always offered what students want for a bright future from high-value education to campus placement. You might be surprised to know, but Australia has almost 1100 educational institutions. These institutions offer more than 22000 variety of courses. Another fascinating fact about Australian universities is that almost 35 universities hold a good rank in QS world university rankings. That is an insanely huge amount and impressive statistics. It is no wonder why students from different parts of the globe come here and take admissions every year.

List Of Top Universities in Australia

Therefore, today in this blog, I will be telling you about the top 5 best universities in Australia.


Australian National University

It is one of the most popular universities in Australia. The Australian National University is settled in Canberra. It is the main campus of this university. Other campuses are present in New South Wales and Northern Territory. The university is highly focused on extensive research. The foundation stone of this university was laid in 1949. You must be amazed to know that this university is a leading research center as well on a global level. In 2021, Australian National University comes at the 31st position at the global level. Whereas, in Australia, it is still holding 1st position. When we compare the previous year’s list of the best universities of Australia, it holds 1st position for a long time.

Monash University

It was established in 1958; Monash University is a public research university and is currently ranked at 60 on global rankings. Around 75000 students (natives and international) are part of this university. University students have always excelled in their field. That is why it is widely famous for its excellent academic records and research skills. From science, Engineering to IT, and Economics, the university has top-class courses to offer its students. Moreover, other facilities in the university are part of excellence. Students can find various restaurants within the campus, extensive campus accommodations, etc. All these things make this university one of the top universities in Australia.

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne got established in 1853. It was a renowned university of Australia and the second oldest in the continent as well. Every year the University of Melbourne accommodates almost 45000 students and has 2,80,000 alumni globally. With a staff of more than 600 members, the university is offering 600+ courses to its students. You would be amazed to know that four prime ministers of Australia and five governors-general of the continent have completed graduation from here.

Whatnot, Nobel prize winner Peter Doherty and various Royal Society members have either culminating young minds or doing research in the University of Melbourne. Not just in academics but in other areas as well, the university is thriving at a rapid pace. It offers a great range of cultural platforms to students. Students can easily find their matching interests. Be it drama, theatre, film, etc., they offer everything. They have chess clubs, a chocolate lover’s society, and things related to sports as well. In a nutshell, the University of Melbourne has everything to satiate the desire of students. If we see Australia Universities rankings, this stands at 41at the global level and ranks 3rd in Australia.

La Trobe University

Another esteemed university in Melbourne, Australia, is La Trobe University. This university is counted on the list of best universities in Australia. Founded in 1967, the university has a glorious 50+ years in the field of research. The university offers more than 260 courses and has an excellent employability record. No doubt it is one of the top universities in Australia, La Trobe has a fantastic record. The university is well recognized as one of the top research universities in the world, ranking consists of 20000 universities. The main campus of the university is located in Melbourne. Its art research labs are in Melbourne and at the Albury Wodonga campus as well.

At present, there are more than 35000 students studying at this university. Out of them, 7000 are international, and the rest are from different parts of Australia. Another impressive thing about La Trobe University is that it has received a 6-star rating in the Green Star Communities accreditation. Moreover, it has over 200,000 graduated students, and many of them are now excelling in the field of Business, Politics, Research, sports, etc.

Curtin University

Fifth in our list of the best universities in Australia is Curtin University. It was established in 1966, and it is the first university of technology in Australia. IN the earlier days of its establishment, Curtin was widely known as the Western Australian Institute of Technology. Curtin University is not a new name in Australian academics, rather a popular name among students worldwide. It has some impressive connections with various top-level industries.

As per the QS world university rankings, Curtin stands at 194. It provides the highest educational qualification to national as well as international students. University has accommodation of almost 50,000 students. You can go for undergraduate as well as post-graduate programs at Curtin University. There are four faculties in this university, namely, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Business & Law, and the Faculty of Science & Engineering. It provides outstanding education in more than 250 courses. Thus, it is obvious to consider this university among the list of best universities in Australia.

So, this is our latest list of Australian university rankings. I hope you have gained some great insight through this article. If you are already a part of the educational system of Australia and need academic help, contact We are a prominent name for academic assignment help in Australia. You can ask for readymade assignments, homework help, and many more things related to academics.


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