How To Write a Conclusion for An Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide for Conclusion Writing?

To make an impression on the reader, one must start and end any piece of writing well. Most of the students are unaware that just like an introduction, a conclusion is equally significant. A conclusion is a final chance for a writer to make an everlasting impact on the reader’s mind. Many students and even experienced writers often fail to deliver the perfect endnote to their essays as they don’t know how to write a conclusion to impress the readers.

So, today through this article, you will learn How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay. Along with this, I will also let you know what mistakes you have to avoid while writing a conclusion. But, before we jump on to the main topic, we should keep in mind the importance of a conclusion every time we write anything. Collect all your thoughts and ideas you have used in the article, and then with complete devotion, start conclusion writing.


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How To Write A Conclusion In 5 Simple Steps


There are 5 things to focus on while you write a conclusion for your essay.


Key Points To Write A Strong Conclusion

Ask yourself: “Ask yourself” a question: “why would anyone read your conclusion?” When you start asking questions, you will be able to connect with readers’ thoughts. This will guide you to write an apt conclusion that carries the potential to capture readers’ attention.

Restating the primary Idea: While writing the conclusion, you might end up with a blank mind and ask yourself a question “How to start a conclusion.” So, I would say begin things on a safe note. For that, write down the primary or the main idea of your paper once again. The appropriate reason for writing the main idea once again is that your article or paper is focused entirely on your main idea or question. Therefore, reminding readers once again about the reason for writing the article or paper is a must.

But, never write your main idea word to word. By that, what I mean is do not let your readers feel that they are reading something repetitive. Keep it fresh but should point towards the primary idea of the paper.

Keep your focus on the theme: Your essay paper is based on a certain theme. You have to refer to that theme all the time while writing a conclusion for your essay. This will complete the reading circle for your essay. It will promote and validate the points that you have discussed in your essay supporting the theme.

Summarize your main points: While writing your research paper, article, essay, or any other piece of writing, most of the students discuss various ideas and put up questions throughout the work. However, you have to bring out only your striking ideas or points when you write a conclusion. But again, do not restate them as it is; make them more compelling, and eventually, you will end up making your argument more firm and impactful.

End things on a high note: Your end should not be an end for your readers. You have to keep your readers satisfied with the ending, but at the same time, your readers should crave more. Anything which ends completely is only for one time, but if you end your work on a thought-provoking note, it will keep your readers connected with your writing for a longer time period.

Words to use in conclusion: Last but not least, the choice of words for a conclusion plays a vital role. Therefore, one can use these words to ornament your conclusion:

  • briefly,
  • in conclusion,
  • in the end,
  • finally,
  • in brief,
  • in a word,
  • in the final analysis,
  • on the whole,
  • thus, to conclude,
  • to summarize,
  • in sum,
  • to sum up,
  • in summary

You often see this technique used by various authors. What they exactly do is play with the human psyche. They end their story but leave the reader’s mind open to thinking more about it.

So, all these five techniques could be a game-changer for you. You can give an ultimate ending to your work and make it stand out of the league. Moreover, if you have a question such as How to write a conclusion for an essay or any other piece of writing, I would be glad to tell you that these five points will remain constant for most writing work.

What Not To Add In Conclusion Writing

Now, in the above part of this article, you might have learned how to write a conclusion. But, it is more important to know what you have to avoid while writing a conclusion.

Keep overused phrases at bay: Often, students end up writing phrases that are already present in the essay a lot many times. The reader is in no mood to read those phrases time and again, and it will come as wooden and trite for readers. So, never repeat the phrases in your conclusion.

Writing thesis for the very first time: Most amateur writers often forgot to state the thesis in the introduction part of the essay or any other academic paper. They write it in the conclusion part. But, this annoys readers the most. So, be careful while writing the intro and concluding part of your essay.

Including the quotes and statistics: You have already provided the data in the body of the essay. Therefore, there is no need to restate them again and again. As mentioned above, just bring all the valuable points together and brief them in conclusion.

Final Words

Above mentioned strategies and planning may help you to know how to write a conclusion for an essay and can do wonders for you. But, you will end up writing a scoring essay that depends on your practice. Students might not get in the very first time. It takes persistent efforts to achieve success. Nevertheless, you can take assistance from My assignment help as well. You will get expert essay writers who have years of experience in framing world-class essays. Therefore, we suggest you avoid risking your grades and take help with essay writing at the lowest price.



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