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Hey Guys! As you have landed on this page, it seems like either you are interested in making a career in nursing, or you are here to find out some specific answers. Well, you are moving on the right track, as in this blog post you will get all the information that you must be looking for. Be with us till the end, and this Blog will surely work as a guide for you. 

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What is Nursing?

Nursing is the key to unlock a better health care journey for a patient. Whenever someone is need of health assistance, nurses are the one who works tirelessly towards identifying and taking care of his/her needs. This profession surely includes dedication and compassion, but at the same time, it requires a lot of professionalism.

Nursing is considered a fully specialized profession, which is evolving day by day to address the needs of society. It is said that nursing includes both science and art. The science of treating a patient and the art of dealing with a patient. You can say, that a nurse needs to involve both mind and heart.  A heart that holds on to respect for human dignity and to take care of a patient’s need. A mind that supports the heart via rigorous learning. Every patient is different, and sometimes you get to deal with tough patients. That’s when you have to work with both heart and mind.

If you are really planning on becoming a nurse, then make sure that you prepare yourself for the challenges coming upfront. Your responsibilities will include handling patients from different age groups and then taking care of all their medical needs.  Performing tests, ensuring correct diagnosis, spreading health awareness, and talking about various health issues and cures, etc. are some of the tasks that a nurse needs to perform. You become a good nurse when you study nursing with that dedication. As a student, you will have to prepare various practical and theoretical assignments. Many times, students feel a little burden, but with the light of assignment help, things come under control.  It’s not that tough.

What Are The Four Aims Of Nursing?

As we now know that this practice works towards taking complete care of the patients until the time they recover. Here are the four main aims of nursing: Prevent illness, Facilitate coping with disabilities and death, Promote health, and Restore health. With this, we also have 2 important components of nursing: Illness and Health. Nurses work toward helping patients to fight against illnesses and help them regain health.

What Is The Type Of Law That Regulates Nursing in Australia?

The NMBA (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia) regulates nursing and midwifery practices in Australia. NMBA carries out functions that are set by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law. It is in force in different states and territories as (The National Law). The major role of NMBA is to care for the public. It uses the standards set by the Health practitioner regulation law to define the eligibility of all the people, who apply for the license to practice as a midwife or a nurse in Australia.

Nursing Salary Guide

As per, the salary of a nurse in Australia depends on the role, level, and state he/she works in. Below we have mentioned the bifurcated list of a nurse’s salary in Australia.

  • Assistant Nurse
    • Entry: 42,681$ – 53,533$
    • Max:   46,381$ – 59,612$
  • Enrolled Nurse
    • Entry: 50,783$ – 57,929$
    • Max:   59,600$ – 67,169$
  • Registered Nurse/midwife
    • Entry: 58,011$ – 64,727$
    • Max:   81,563$ – 67,169$
  • Clinical Nurse/Midwives
    • Entry: 58,011$ – 64,727$
    • Max:   92,838$ – 107,804$
  • Nurse Practitioner
    • Entry: 101,830$ – 122,486$
    • Max:   110,325$ – 127,608$
  • Nurse Unit Manager
    • Entry: 95,530$ – 106,466$
    • Max:   101,904$ – 130,586$
  • Director 

                    Max:   146,376$ – 203,176$

Why Choose Nursing as a Profession? 

Well, in the 21st century, nursing is not limited to just one aspect, i.e., running tests or just following orders of the doctor. It has much more to offer. While studying, you get to develop various skills that make you a better person and also helps in self-development. You become more disciple as this practice is based on the disciple. You develop the skills of critical thinking, as most of the time the doctor won’t be around and you have to use your brain to take care of the patient ad look after his medical needs.

When we talk about career, so it is being opted by most of the students these days, as it has a wide range of options to choose from and it pays you well. The main job of a nurse is to use their critical thinking skills and observe a patient’s physical, behavioral and biological needs. A nurse never differentiates between patients, may it be a patient from a big reputed hospital, state prison, health care center, schools, colleges, or a summer camp.

It is the duty of a Nurse to make sure that the patient gets the best health care treatment, regardless of where they are, and who they may be. One thing that we want to address is that while you are studying nursing, you may have to make various types of assignments. If you ever feel that you are stuck, then you can always approach online nursing assignment help.

Nursing as a profession is not limited. You get to specialize in your own area. Every aspirant has his/her own strengths and passion, based on which they can select their type of nursing. We have written a separate section below, dedicated to types of nursing.

Why Confidentiality is Important in the Nursing Profession?

When we keep the details of a patient confidential, then only trust is built between the health care professional and his/her patient. In this profession, confidentiality is a must, as the patient is opening up in front of the nurse, and sharing personal feelings and sensitive information, so it is important to keep such information safe.

In the case of adolescents, special care is provided towards maintaining confidentiality, as the patient might not open up as expected and it may affect the treatment process as well. Basically, confidentiality is considered to be one of the most important pillars of medicine. Keeping details confidential is to take care of the moral respect of an individual, and also to develop an important bond between him/her and the nurse.

What is the Meaning of Negligence in Nursing Practice?

Negligence means unskilled, improper, or negligent treatment of a patient by a nurse. Negligence in the treatment of a patient forms the basis for various malpractice claims. Under such claims, the victim reports injury treatment provided to him/her. Under such cases, the hospital where the nurse works will be held liable for malpractice. It is because, when the injury happened, the nurse was doing her/his job at that time. The nurse should have been more careful. It is the responsibility of a nurse to deliver her/his duty of providing proper care to the patient.

As per (Nursing and Midwifery Council) – “nurses must make patients care and safety their main concern, and ensure that patients’ needs are recognized, assessed and responded to.” As per the principles of Negligence, all health care professionals should take action for the benefit of their patients. Here are few Examples of Nursing Negligence: 1) Giving an incorrect dose of medicines to the patient 2) A patient falls down, and the nurse fails to inform the doctor 3) Mistakes in running down tests, etc.

What Are the Major Categories of Negligence Resulting in Malpractice Suits Against Nurses?

There are six major categories of negligence that may result in nursing malpractice lawsuits. These are failure to use equipment in a responsible manner, failure to document, failure to assess and monitor, failure to follow standards of care, failure to communicate, and failure to note in the patient’s medical record.

What is the Primary and Secondary Survey in Nursing?

Primary and secondary surveys are the stages of surveys held while a patient is brought for treatment.  We will describe both phases.

Primary Survey

The Primary Survey is the very first assessment that is performed to help the nurse detect immediate danger to the life of the patient. These problems must be detected immediately so that corrective measures can be taken. Necessary steps are taken in a logical order so as to avoid any loopholes in the survey. This logical order-based approach is known as DRABC. It is the Acronym for Danger-Response-Airway-Breathing-Compressions. Each step is taken with full care keeping the patient’s life in mind. The results of this survey detect whether the patient will be able to make it through the problem or not.

Secondary Survey

Once the initial assessment is done, then the patient is taken towards the second phase of the survey. In the initial phase, life-threatening problems will be detected and corrected. But, in the case of CPR in the initial phase, the chances to reach a secondary survey are very less. This phase includes performing a focused physical examination, keeping the patient’s medical history in mind.  This examination spots light over any medical complaints, specific injury, or it may include the instant examination of the whole body.

A secondary survey is also a systematic approach that focuses on detecting any fracture or bleeding. We start analyzing from the head and it ends to toe. The steps include checking: Head & Neck- Shoulders & Chest- Abdomen & Pelvis- Legs & arms- Pockets and Recovery position. The pockets are checked for any types of clues related to the patient and his/her condition like ID proof, any medical history proof, piece of jewelry, etc. Another important step included in the Secondary Survey is to check for the patient’s vital signs and the patient’s history.  It is done in the order of the acronym SAMPLE: Signs & Symptoms- Allergies- Medications- Patient’s medical history- Last oral intake- Events leading to injury or illness.

What is Skill Mix in Nursing?

Skill mix is basically grouping or combining different categories of workers, so as to bring out the efficiency in work. With the help of skill mix in the nursing sector, human resources are able to achieve the most cost-effective and flexible use of the nursing staff. It is basically to raise nursing standards in the health care sector.

Basically, to reduce the cost of a hospital, the authorities used to cut nursing care or they used to replace the professional nurses with just some licensed practical nurses, or nursing assistants. This used to come out cost-effective. But, with this action, the hospitals started experiencing more mortality rates, infection rates, etc. due to the shortage of nursing staff. And the lower-skilled nurses were not able to perform their jobs well.

So, to come out of all these issues, the health care sector introduces a skill mix system. They started combining a nursing staff that included both higher and lower skill mix. It means, hiring professional nurses (registered ones) of higher skills, and licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants of lower skill. Mixing these two skills together came out cost-effective and also the complaint ratio at the hospitals went down.

What are the Types of Nurses in High Demand?

There are different nursing jobs that you can pursue after completing your courses. We suggest that you come up with a good nursing resume, once you are done completing your nursing course. Here is the list of 12 types of nurses that are in High Demand right now.

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)- They work with RNs and physicians to provide basic nursing care to patients
  2. Registered Nurse (RN) – They play a central role in healthcare organizations. These positions are said to grow more by 2026.
  3. Travel Nurse- Travel nurses fill the workforce gaps in healthcare organizations and hospitals.
  4. Med-Surgical Nurse- These nurses work at the surgical/medical section of hospitals. They need to have good time management skills.
  5. Emergency Room Nurse- They work efficiently towards providing care to patients who suffer from life-threatening illnesses or injuries.
  6. Oncology Nurse- Oncology nurses are demand most of the time as they work towards cancer diagnosis and its treatment.
  7. Nurse informatics specialist- Their role is to prevent any medical error, implement & evaluate new workflow processes, etc.
  8. Nursing Manager- They have experienced nurses who lead a team of nurses and various other healthcare staff.
  9. Nurse Educator- Skilled nurse educators are in demand due to the increasing student population who want to pursue nursing. They design and implement various educational programs for practicing nurses and students.
  10. Nurse Anesthetist- They are a type of APRN (Advances Practice Registered Nurse). They can provide help in a variety of settings like hospitals, medically & rural service areas, military, physician’s office, etc.
  11. Nurse Midwife- They are APRNs whose responsibilities include family planning, obstetric care, and parental care. Primarily they work for women and their newborns.
  12. Nurse Practitioner (NPs) – they provide advanced health care that includes health prevention, health promotion, diseases & wellness management, including diagnosis and treating chronic, acute, and episodic illness.

Opting for Nursing Courses in Australia? You Should Know This!

After knowing a lot about nursing, it is time for us to know different types of nursing courses that you can pursue as a student.  Before moving on to the types of courses, let’s get to know the names of some of the best universities and colleges in Australia for Nursing.

Best Nursing Universities in Australia

There are different colleges of nursing in Australia, and one of the best among those colleges is the Australian college of nursing. It is said to be one of the finest among others. It was formed in 2012. We have others also on the list like University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Western Sydney University, University of South Australia (UniSA), Edith Cowan University (ECU), The University of Queensland, University of New England (UNE), University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Newcastle, University of Tasmania (UTAS), Health Careers International, The University of Sydney, Torrens University Australia, etc.

Nursing Courses

Bachelor of Nursing

It takes around 4 years to complete.

Diploma of Nursing

It can take anywhere between 18-24 months to get completed.

Master of Nursing Practice

It takes around 2 years to complete your master of nursing degree.

Online Nursing Courses

These take around a year to get completed depending upon the type of course and the time you devote.

Master of Nursing Online

Again the time period for a master’s course is 2 years, whether online or offline.

What are the Requirements to Study Nursing in Australia?

To study nursing in Australia, applicants must have successfully completed an Australian Year 12, or equivalent senior secondary school qualification, and must have mastery over English language skills (written and spoken).

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