Bachelor of Nursing in Australia- Revealing Answers to all Your Queries

Planning for a secured future in Australia by pursuing a Bachelor of Nursing? Well, you are on the right track. Pursuing Nursing in Australia will open up various excellent job opportunities for you in the future. We previously published a blog post written on the nursing jobs guide. You can visit that blog to get a wider picture. Students often have queries regarding this course, so we wanted to share some information about a Bachelor of nursing in Australia. Let’s get started.

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What is a Bachelor of Nursing?

If you have chosen to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing, then you should prepare your mind to accept roles and responsibilities that will enfold once you enter nursing as a professional. Nurses have a decisive role to play in the medical line. Yes, the choice will be yours, that where and how you want to work as a practitioner in this field.

It all starts with choosing the right course for yourself. Bachelor of Nursing will surely open up a wide range of opportunities for you. It is a complete 3 years course. It helps you in gaining various clinical skills, knowledge, and experience about patient care, and placement experience as well. The fee may vary for different universities. It starts from AU $27,000 – AU $35,000 per year. You can directly become a Registered Nurse with this course. It’s basically a diverse and stimulating career.

The journey towards completing this course will be challenging as you will be facing various practical and theoretical cases, and passing them becomes compulsory. There is always a pressure of scoring well in your assignments, as these will be calculated in the finals. But, there is no need to get overwhelmed as you can always get Nursing Assignment Help online. These online professionals will not only help you score well but with their guidance, you will be able to understand problematic concepts easily.

What qualifications do I need to get into a Bachelor of Nursing?

It may again vary depending upon the university that you select. But, the basic need is that you must have completed senior secondary (VCE or Equivalent).  It should include Units 3 and 4 with at least 30 in English (EAL) or either 25 in any Equivalent. Then it should also include Units 1 and 2 or Units 3 and 4 with satisfactory completion in mathematics. Some universities even check IELTS or TOEFL score. IELTS with a minimum score of overall 7 and a score of 7 in all the 4 components. And in TOEFL you need 94. Again, the requirements vary, so it’s important to check with the universities’ requirements list.

Things differ for an online course. Here the prerequisites are a High school GPA of a minimum of 2.5, passing the nursing entrance exam with scores required by the nursing school, and acceptable scores of ACT or SAT.

What will I learn after completing a Bachelor of Nursing?

This bachelor’s degree will help you develop different clinical skills and will help you gain complete knowledge about patient care and well-being. It will help you become capable of working in health care settings or at any hospital as a registered nurse. With this course, you will also get the experience of working at nursing laboratories and working on clinical simulation.

Major Areas of study under Bachelor of Nursing

  • Community care nursing
  • Continuing care nursing
  • Medical-surgical nursing
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Foundational nursing care
  • High dependency nursing
  • Mental health nursing

Can I pursue a Bachelor of Nursing Online?

Yes, it is possible to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing online. Some organizations offer online education. But, you need to be careful with their accreditations and affiliations. The reason is, few organizations offer online courses at attractive prices, but they come out to be fake. So, research well, before you choose to pursue a Bachelor of Nursing online.

Since nursing is a profession that needs hands-on experience, students who are completely new to this world without any prior diploma or associate’s degree, may not get a full nursing course online. It will be a hybrid type of program. You will attain all the theoretical knowledge online, but for the practical knowledge, you have to complete in-person clinical hours at clinics that fall under locations approved by the respective organization.

For aspirants who have already grabbed a diploma or associate’s degree in nursing, getting a bachelor’s degree online will be a plus point. It will be like an advanced study for you online, with which you may even get opportunities with management roles or higher responsibilities.

What are the Benefits of a Bachelor of Nursing?  

With a Bachelor of Nursing degree, you will open up gates to an ample amount of opportunities for yourself in the health care sector. You may even become an educator. You earn a good salary with various other advantages. Your scope for professional advancement increases and the level of job security is high.

Once you step out with your bachelor’s degree, you can easily opt from various career paths like from patient care to even administration and management. You will get to practice in varied health care settings from corporate clinics to hospitals. The best part is that you will become a Registered Nurse (RN). There are various branches of nursing that you can choose from. It is totally up to your interest.

How much does an RN with a Bachelor’s Degree Make?

There are excellent packages for a Registered nurse in Australia. The average salary is anywhere around AU $73,000- AU $90,000 per year. The salary varies depending upon the qualifications, seniority, experience, and location. But, it is true that with a bachelor of nursing degree, your options open up a lot.

Top 10 Universities in Australia for a Bachelor of Nursing

Here is the list of best universities in Australia which provide an excellent education to nursing aspirants from Australia and all across the globe. The fee structure may vary, so please check their official website too.

  • The University of Sydney– Annual fee of AUD 38,060
  • Monash University– Annual fee of AUD 35,000 to pursue a bachelor of nursing Monash.
  • Griffith University– Annual fee of AUD 31,500 to pursue a bachelor of nursing Griffith.
  • The University of Adelaide– Annual fee of AUD 35,500
  • RMIT University– Annual fee of AUD 30,000
  • Deakin University– Annual fee of AUD 33,536 to pursue a bachelor of nursing Deakin.
  • La Trobe University– Annual fee of AUD 42,732
  • Central Queensland University– Annual fee of AUD 29,000
  • The University of Wollongong– Annual fee of AUD 30,000
  • Federation University Australia– Annual fee of AUD 26,000

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