Master of Nursing in Australia- Shape Your Career and Achieve What You Dream

Hey guys! First of all, congratulations on making up this far in your nursing career. If you are reading this blog post, that means you have already completed your bachelor of nursing. The decision to pursue a master’s in Australia is absolutely wise. Opting for nursing in Australia has its own set of perks that we have already discussed in our previous blog posts. This blog post will help you find out the right options for masters. So, let’s just dive into exploring the master of nursing in Australia.

What is a Master of Nursing?

Master of Nursing is a post-graduation course that adds a star to your qualifications. The course code is 006254G. But the time duration for the course can vary from 1.5 -2 years in different universities. It is a degree that allows fresh graduates in nursing and Registered Nurses to advance and excel in their nursing careers. Students pursuing masters get to specialize in different areas of nursing. It helps them to advance their skills and knowledge by taking intense theoretical and practical classes.

 You also need a master of nursing degree, if you further want to pursue a doctorate program in nursing. Masters give you a good practical experience that comes with understanding detailed areas in Nursing. Each specialization opens up a different pathway and helps an individual to develop specific skills related to the specialization opted. Some of the common specializations that student’s opt-in in Australia are:

  • Disability Studies
  • Nursing Education
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Mental Health
  • Nurse Anesthesia

Here are some important questions that students think about before electing a master of nursing.

Is a Master’s in Nursing the Same as a Nurse Practitioner?

No, they are not the same. Students who have a Master of nursing degree can easily opt for advance clinical nursing positions. Wherein, a Nurse practitioner provides clinical care that is expanded and complex. Students with master’s degrees are liable to opt for higher positions in the nursing field, as they have been taught this way. However, nurse practitioners can perform tasks for which registered nurses are not given license.

Is it Worth Getting Your Master’s in Nursing?

Yes, it is. With your master of nursing degree, you can easily grab jobs that are better in all aspects of growth. You can apply for higher positions as a nurse. If you want to opt for a specific area in nursing, then it is better to grab a master’s degree. All good jobs with high salary package come within your reach. The average annual salary that a nurse with a master’s degree gets in Australia is around 94,800 AUD. We will be talking about the benefits in detail in the sections below.

What are the Admission Requirements for the Master of Nursing?

The basic requirement to get admission into a master of nursing is that one should either be a registered nurse or one should have his/her bachelor of nursing degree. But the criteria are that the GPA score in his/her Bachelor’s should be at least 4.0/7.0 or higher. The minimum required PTE score is 58-65, depending upon the requirements of the university that you want to apply to.

Can I pursue a Master of Nursing Online?

Yes, you can. There are universities and institutes like Deakin University, University of South Australia, University of Notre Dame, etc. offer online master’s programs for nursing. If you feel that you don’t have enough time for a full-time program, then you can opt for a part-time online program. The fee will also be low as compared to on-campus.

The only area where you will feel the difference between both offline and online study is the placement section. It is a little difficult to secure your position as there is a lot of competition out there. While you study being relaxed at home, you still have to complete different assignments. If you feel stuck with your nursing assignments, then you can always take nursing assignment help online.

Benefits of Studying Master of Nursing in Australia

Here are some amazing benefits that we wanted to share with you all.

  • Australian universities are worldwide recognized for offering a master of nursing. Their rankings are really good. Some of them rank among the top 50 globally.
  • Nurses with a Master of Nursing diploma are highly employed in Australia.
  • You can earn an average salary of AUD 94.800 per annum.
  • Some of the universities in Australia offer placements in major metropolitan hospitals.
  • Students receive international scholarships of more than 200 million AUD every year from the government of Australia.
  • Australia is the 3rd most popular country where international students wish to study.
  • Hospitals in Australia are highly advanced with the latest medical equipment.

Best Universities that offer Master of Nursing in Australia

Here are some top universities in Australia for pursuing a master’s of nursing. They are highly rated as per QS Ranking Board. The fee mentioned below with the universities may vary from time to time, so kindly cross-check with the official university website.

  • University of Technology Sydney: Course Duration- 1.5 years. Total Course fee: AUD 52,920.
  • University of Sydney: Course Duration- 2 years. Total Course fee: AUD 80,000.
  • Monash University: Master of nursing Monash Course Duration- 2 years. Total Course fee: AUD 58,000.
  • University of Melbourne: Course Duration- 2 years. Total Course fee: AUD 68,421.
  • Deakin University: Course Duration- 1.5 years. Total Course fee: AUD 50,700.
  • Griffith University: Master of Advanced Nursing Course Duration- 1.5 years. Total Course fee: AUD 29,250.
  • Queensland University of Technology: Course Duration- 1.5 years. Total Course fee: AUD 46,050.
  • University of Queensland: Course Duration- 2 years. Total Course fee: AUD 66,752.
  • University of Newcastle: Course Duration- 1 year. Total Course fee: AUD 36,865.
  • University of Adelaide: Course Duration- 2 years. Total Course fee: AUD 67,000.

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